Miles Kington

The late and much lamented Miles Kington (who died on 30 January 2008) was a member of Instant Sunshine from 1973 to 1992 - nearly 20 years.

Miles not only played a nifty double bass, but also brought a wry, dry humour to our shows. His introductions and monologues between songs were a wonderfully sideways mix of acerbic observations and wacky flights of fancy - just like his columns in Punch, The Times, and The Independent. And, just like his columns, he always managed to come up with something new and unexpected.

Miles was a great storyteller, and we fondly remember the many happy times we had sharing hilarious stories whilst waiting in the dressing room before shows. The 1980s were Instant Sunshine's salad days - and Miles was very much part of our lives. We got lots of great jobs through him and his media contacts - including our regular slot on BBC Radio 4's Stop The Week.

We were a true 'band of brothers'. And although Miles eventually moved to a village near Bath and left the group many years ago, his inspiration stayed with us, and much of his special brand of humour is still there in our repertoire today.

Miles was a good friend - and we miss him.

Miles wrote over 20,000 letters and there is now a strong possibility these will be published. To learn more about this go to this link -

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