Programme Notes

Instant Sunshine have been searching for the perfect programme for many years. The juxta-position of songs to create a concert, which brings joy to the heart of each member of the audience, is their elusive goal. However it is difficult to please all the audience all the time. Their carefully selected programme for the Beefeaters' Annual Convention may well upset the vegan guests in the audience and there is always the risk that their cabaret for the English Speaking Union Christmas Party may not be ideal for the esperanto enthusiast who has crept in at the back.
They have tried various ways of overcoming the difficulties and have found that weeks of careful planning creates a great deal of argument since it is impossible to please all of Instant Sunshine all the time. Random selection of the programme in the dressing room on the other hand is less stressful and concentrates the mind as they fight with bow ties or search for missing cuff links. Sometimes the audience is left to do it themselves by shouting out titles from the auditorium but this has risks and can lead to unrest and fighting in the aisles, diverting attention from the performance.
We leave you to decide which method has been adopted for this concert but it is likely that songs will be selected from the following - and a few more:

A Bouquet of Roes

Los Peckham Ryos

A Memorable Meal

Lots in the Attic

A Nod and A Wink

Lugubrious Lobster

Alas Poor Hamlet

Middlesex Man

At the Launderette

My Dog Has Fleas

Bar Stool Sailing

My Garden Shed


Never be Tempted by Water

Birds and Bees

Pick up the Phone


Platform Three

Christmas Greetings

Rambling Man

Conservation Conversation

Scat Like That

Corduroy Trousers

Scratch the Sepia Surface

Cucumber Sandwiches

Shiny Leather Chair


Smooth Train Blues

Don't Tell the Abbot

Smooth Train Blues

Eating Food is Wrong


English Through and Through


Equal Animal Rights

Specs Appeal

Every Body needs a Body

Spring Collection

Fleeting Time

Ten Gallon Hat

Foreign Relations

The Demon in The Drink

Go Plastic

Top Dogs

Has Anyone Seen My Horse


Heathrow Holiday

We're Awfully Keen on the Arts

Holiday Survival

Westminster Pier to Greenwich

Ideal Home

What is a Thingummy-jig

If I Keep on Whistling

Whitehall Farce

It Happened in the Park

Who Dunnit


Who is My Neighbour

Kiddies Olympics

Who Mowed the Lawns of Eden

Knitting for Victory

Wish You Were Here

Listen to the Summer


Lords Pavilion

Yodelling Neurosis

There are moments in any concert that are crucial to any conscientious concert-goer, who likes to plan the evening - when to buy the programme, at what moment to queue for ice creams or when to rush to the bar. To make this easier it is likely that this evening's concert will have the following format:

First Half




Second Half

... unless there are any last minute difficulties beyond our control.

>>  18 :: Apr :: 2024
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry 14th July 2024

>>  17 :: May :: 2023
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry Saturday 5th August 2023

>>  16 :: Jan :: 2023
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry on Thursday 9th February 2023

>>  01 :: Jul :: 2022
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry 20th August 2022

>>  08 :: Jul :: 2021
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry 2nd September 2021

>>  21 :: Nov :: 2020
Keep Singing

>>  26 :: Feb :: 2020
Instant Sunshine Concert on Saturday 29th February at Donhead St Andrew