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Instant Sunshine Songs on Current CDs

Instant Sunshine Comes of Age  
Parish Magazine, A Memorable Meal, Smooth Train Blues*,
Yodelling Neurosis, My Garden Shed, My Dog Has Fleas,
Everybody Needs a Body, Wish You Were Here, Spring Collection,
Has Anyone Seen My Horse?*, At The Launderette, Scat Like That,
Foreign Relations, Conservation Conversation*,
Who Mowed the Lawns Of Eden*, Never Be Tempted by Water,
Go Plastic, Platform Three*, Sorry, Los Peckham Ryos.

Instant Sunshine Jubilee
A Bouquet of Roes, Whitehall Farce, What is a Thingummy-Jig?,
Middlesex Man, Pick Up the Phone, Eating Food is Wrong, Specs Appeal, If I Keep on Whistling, Shiny Leather Chair, Whodunnit, Ideal Home, Cucumber Sandwiches, Birds and Bees, Holiday Survival,
Westminster Pier to Greenwich, It Happened in the Park,
Equal Animal Rights, Alas Poor Hamlet, Mini Mozart,
Listen to the Summer, Fleeting Time.

Instant Sunshine At The Old Vic
Sunshine, Birdseed, Platform Three*, Knitting for Victory, Herts is Trumps, Smooth Train Blues*, The Euro, The Demon in the Drink, Our Show is Live, Lots in the Attic, Lugubrious Lobster,
Who Mowed the lawns Of Eden*, My Horse and I*, Corduroy Trousers, Kiddies Olympics, Conservation Conversation*.

50 Not Out  Please use order form for the other CDs and adjust it for                                 50 Not Out - thank you.

NOW AVAILABLE FROM FEBRUARY 2017, a new CD to celebrate our 50th Anniversary:  INSTANT SUNSHINE  50 NOT OUT
Knitting for Victory, Dear Diary, My Caddy Said, Toy Sympathy, Very Tiny Brain, Weather is Never Quite Right, Awfully Keen on the Arts, I Wonder What It's Like To Be a Star, Old Times Back, Peace of Mind, Squidger, Aunt Agatha's Hat, Man From Pollock,
Christmas Greetings, Lots In The Attic, Incurable Romantic, Gondoliers. 


Songs with the asterisk are recorded both live (on "Instant Sunshine Live at the Old Vic") and in studio (on "Instant Sunshine Comes of Age").

"Has anyone Seen my Horse" is the same song as "My Horse and I".

>>  18 :: Apr :: 2024
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry 14th July 2024

>>  17 :: May :: 2023
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry Saturday 5th August 2023

>>  16 :: Jan :: 2023
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry on Thursday 9th February 2023

>>  01 :: Jul :: 2022
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry 20th August 2022

>>  08 :: Jul :: 2021
Instant Sunshine at the Pheasantry 2nd September 2021

>>  21 :: Nov :: 2020
Keep Singing

>>  26 :: Feb :: 2020
Instant Sunshine Concert on Saturday 29th February at Donhead St Andrew